Choosing the right pressure washer

The challenges and application tasks for high pressure washers and power sweepers vary considerably from one industry to another. Therefore, Kränzle has developed a pressure washing line which, owing to its depth and variety, is able to successfully meet all types of requirements. How to choose the right one for your needs? Here are some factors for you to consider:

Difficulty of cleaning operation:

Choosing the right pressure is crucial for your operations, and the Key Factor would be Pressure (PSI / Bar). Too little pressure and you may end up scrubbing the floor instead, on the other hand, too much pressure and your paint may be unintentionally removed.

All our Kranzle units (except for the K 1050 Series) come with a large stainless steel pressure gauge provides a clear reading of the set working pressures for various applications.

PressureUses / ApplicationsMachines
110-130 BarPrivate Home and Garden
Automotive Vehicle Washing
Light Commercial Cleaning (Buildings / Roads / Sidewalks)
Air Conditioning Maintenance
K 1050 P
K 1050 TS
HD 7/122 TS
K 1152 TS
140 -180 BarCleaning of Construction Vehicles and Equipment
Ship Deck Washing
Cooling Tower / Roof Cleaning
Agricultural Cleaning
Industrial Cleaning
Boat washing
Heavy Duty Commercial Cleaning (swimming pools etc.)
K 2160 TS
K 2195 TS
Quardo 599 TST
Quadro 799 TST
150 Bar and aboveRemoval of paint / graffiti
Removal of Oil and Grease
Blasting of dried concrete
Barnacle Removal
Pipe Clearance
Quadro 800 TST
Quadro 1000 TST
Our recommendations on pressure for applications

Regardless of what machine you choose, always be careful on any form of delicate surface. Even a machine with low pressure can take paint off if its rusty, or you are using a pinpoint nozzle.

Cleaning Construction Machinery

Efficiency of Cleaning Operation

On the other hand, if you have a large surface area to clean, we would recommend a pressure washer with a high flow rate (lpm / lph). The more water is washing the surface per unit time, the quicker you can reach your intended outcome.

Longevity and Maintenance

  1. Motor Speed
    • Many of our Kranzle Machines consist of a slow running electric motor with low speeds of 1400 rpm reduces the starting current, thus ensuring less wear and noise.
  2. Pump Construction Materials
    • Kranzle’s special brass pump is guaranteed a long service life due to low-wear components. This is why we are able to guarantee 12 months warranty for the correct intended application.
  3. Safety Shutdown
    • Kranzle’s new TotalStop system is a smart system which switches off the motor automatically when not in use. This allows relief of high pressure off the pump and drive, reducing energy consumption and improving service life.

Can’t afford downtime? Contact us if you would like to know more about our preventive maintenance packages.

Electric Connection

Do check if your electricity supplies are of a Single Phase Supply (individual residences or small commercial buildings) or a Three Phase Supply (industrial areas).

Hygienic Operations

In applications where health, hygiene and sanitary working conditions are pre-requisites for work. We would recommend our hot water pressure cleaners.

  1. With hot water cleaning of 80°C or more, there is a significant reduction of germs, bacteria and viruses, even without chemical disinfectants.
  2. Greasy and oily surfaces dissolve more easily with hot water, saving time and water.
  3. Drying duration is reduced due to residual heat on the cleaned surfaces.
  4. Up to 35% reduction in working duration for cleaning and disinfection tasks.

Now hot water high pressure cleaners come electrically heated, which are emission-free and instantaneous.

Foam Injectors being used in hygienic operations

Choosing the right accessories (Lances and Nozzles)

Check out how to choose the right lances and nozzles to make your cleaning more efficient here.