Kranzle K 1050 P

Portable Pressure Washer

The K 1050 P is particularly designed for private use around the house and garden.

Portable Pressure Washer

Product characteristics:

  • Handy, space-saving and compact design
  • Total stop system to relieve the high-pressure pump
  • Tidy system: practical holder for stowing the safety shut-off gun and lance
  • Ergonomic carrying handle, also serves as a reel for the mains cable
  • 8 m steel-fabric high-pressure hose
  • Safety shut-off pistol with quick-change plug-in system
  • Jet lance with stainless steel tube with quick-change plug-in system
  • Water inlet strainer with visible filter

Technical Features:

1. High quality brass head

With leakage feedback system and total-stop system.

2. Advanced arrangement system

Space-saving arrangement system for stowing trigger gun with safety catch and lances

3. Convenient and Practical

Convenient holder for winding up the high-pressure hose. Integrated trolley takes steps and rough ground in its stride.

Features and Equipment:

  • High pressure hose NW 6, length 8 m
  • Trigger gun with safety catch M2000 with quick-change connector system
  • Dirtkiller lance with stainless steel pipe with quick-change connector system
  • Jet lance with stainless steel pipe with quick-change connector system
  • Water inlet sieve with visible filter