Pump Repair Services

Overseas Motors is the authorized repair and service workshop for our range of industrial, chemical and marine pumps. Our comprehensive inventory of spare parts, together with professional technicians, are ready to support our customer’s operations.

Our Services: Overseas Motors’ highly skilled engineers are trained to meet a wide array of industrial problems. Including: (1) Troubleshooting, (2) Servicing, (3), Assembly, Alignment and Skid Fabrication, (4) Testing and Commissioning (5), Repair and overhaul (6) Preventive Maintenance Packages, (7) Site examination for integration and operation.

Spare Parts Inventory

For Centrifugal Pumps, our common spares include standard wear and tear items such as mechanical seals, gaskets and O-rings.

For Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps, we keep a complete range of air section service kits and fluid section service kits include balls, diaphragms and O-rings.

ARO 637434 Air Section Repair Kit
Diaphragm Pump Repair Kit
Professional Service

Our technical team has more than a decade of experience repairing pumps. Each pump sent in for repair will be carefully disassembled and the internal components individually examined. The report is normally presented within 1 week and you may then decide whether or not to proceed with the repair job. Should you decline to proceed with the repair, only  assessment charges are payable. Please let us know if you would require an expedited assessment, which may be made upon request, subject to availability.

You can be assured that our highly skilled engineers are trained to meet a wide array of industrial problems. This includes diagnosis, servicing, pump fabrication, testing, repair and overhaul, reassembly, and on-site examination to ensure integration and competent operation.

Repair Location

Service is available both on site and at our workshop. Please note that there are additional on site charges applicable.


After Repair Testing

We would perform a standard running test upon completion of each pump repair.

Besides standard tests, we are also able to perform other tests such as

  1. Hydrostatic pressure test
  2. Performance test / Flow rate test
  3. Power consumption test.
Why choose our service center:

If you are in a mission critical business and are unable to afford downtime, then you have to be able to trust that your machines are operating effectively and efficiently at all times. That’s why you need a partner who offers you more than just machines: reliable cleaning machines, advanced technologies, experience and consistent technical support. Moreover, you need a complete service range with fast, reliable operational service, all made for your convenience. At Overseas Motors, as the authorized distributor for many reputable brands, we ensure that you will only get genuine parts with first-class service.

Kranzle Machine Repair
Common Problems:

Are you noticing some noise, vibration, and reduced performance in your pump? Here are some common problems you may face.