Bronze Gear Pump – N1100

Pump housings and gears are made of top quality bronze, shafts are 303 stainless steel. Bearings are made of high performance carbon-graphite material selected for wear resistance and long service life. Gear pumps are positive displacement pumps. Each shaft revolution displaces a definite amount of liquid relatively unaffected by the back pressure in the discharge line. Shaft speed and flow are directly proportional.


  • Bronze Construction with Stainless Steel Shafts
  • Positive Spring Loaded Lip Seal made from fluoroelastomer
  • Available with Motor Adapter and Hardware
  • Easy Field Assembly to Motors
  • Self-Lubricating Carbon Bearings
  • Consult Factory for Special Motors


  • Max Flow: 61 GPM – 230.91 LPM
  • Max Pressure: 150 PSI – 10.35 BAR


The pump is driven directly from the electric motor shaft by means of a flexible coupling. An aluminum adapter connects the pump to the motor.


Service life will be increased substantially if liquid pumped is clean and has lubricity value. These pumps have extremely close tolerance. Fine abrasives like sand, silt, or powders in suspension will destroy pumping ability. Liquids compatible with bronze, stainless steel, and a fluoroelastomer lip seal can be pumped. Check a chemical compatibility chart or Oberdorfer™ factory. Nitrile Lip Seal (S3) available. Temperature extremes are detrimental to service life and should be avoided. Temperature range for this pump is from -40°F to 300°F. Freezing liquid in the pump can deform or damage the pump.


A rotary gear pump is capable of lifting water on the suction side as high as 20 feet. Though gear pumps are self-priming, a foot valve is recommended. If possible, wet gears with the liquid to be pumped for the first dry start. Liquid retained in the system and gear chambers serves to wet the pump on subsequent starts.