43210 Bracket Mount 1 1/4″ Pump

Engine Cooling Pump

Flow rate: Nominal 27 Litres/min (20 US gallons/min) at 1500rpm
Self-priming from dry up to 2.4m (7.8ft)

Model No.: 43210-0001

  • Constructed from marine quality bronze and stainless steel for ruggedness and reliability.
  • Easy to service and maintain.

US Customary Units (English Units)

  • Specifications
Body Materials Bronze
Impeller Neoprene
Wearplate Replaceable
Shaft Material Stainless Steel
Seal Lip Type
Bearings Twin single row, ball type
Port Type 1-1/4″ Hose Barb
Weight 3.2 (kg)
7 (lb)


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*Engine cooling pump replaces Quicksilver Model 46-72774 A32 on Mercruiser Engines

It can be installed with either the cast iron (clamp type) mounting bracket or the stamped steel (bolt attachment type) mounting bracket. It will fit either left-hand or right-hand rotation engines and will accept all stock MerCruiser drive pulleys.