42730 Pedestal Mount Pump

Engine Cooling Pump

Flow rate: Nominal 54 Litres/min (12 gallons/min) at 1500rpm
Self-priming from dry up to 2.4m (7.8ft)

Model No.: 42730-0000

  • Constructed from marine quality bronze and stainless steel for ruggedness and reliability.
  • Easy to service and maintain.
  • Fits most pre 1993 Crusader Engines.
  • Accepts Crusader drive pulley.
  • Bolts directly to stock mounting bracket.

US Customary Units (English Units)

  • Specifications
Body Materials Bronze
Impeller Neoprene
Wearplate Replaceable
Shaft Material Stainless steel
Seal Carbon/ceramic mechanical type
Bearings Twin single row, ball type
Port Type 1″ NPT
Weight 3.6 (kg)
8 (lb)


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*Engine Cooling Water Pump for Crusader Engines. Replaces Crusader Model 97179(Sherwood E-35).

The Jabsco pump impeller can be used in either the Jabsco pump or the stock Crusader pump replacing the Crusader impeller Number 20300.