For the most stringent Hygienic Applications: Jabsco By Packo

Introduction Jabsco by Packo Hygienic Rotary Lobe Pumps:

Jabsco by Packo rotary lobe pumps are known for their high performance, reliability, and durability. These pumps are designed to handle a wide range of fluids, from thin liquids to highly viscous materials. Whether you need a pump for food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, or chemical processing, Jabsco by Packo rotary lobe pumps are the ultimate solution for your pumping needs. Their performance range is as follows:

Features and Design

One of the key features of Jabsco by Packo rotary lobe pumps is their ability to handle abrasive and viscous fluids. The pumps are designed with lobes that rotate in opposite directions, creating a gentle pumping action that minimizes shear and damage to delicate fluids. This makes them ideal for pumping viscous materials such as sauces, creams, and pastes, as well as abrasive fluids like slurries and emulsions.

In addition to their performance and durability, Jabsco by Packo rotary lobe pumps are also designed with energy efficiency in mind. The pumps are equipped with high-efficiency motors that reduce energy consumption and operating costs. This makes them a cost-effective choice for businesses that need to pump large volumes of fluids on a regular basis.

Ease of Maintenance

Moreover, another advantage of Jabsco by Packo rotary lobe pumps is their ease of maintenance. The pumps are designed with a simple, robust construction that makes them easy to disassemble and clean. The lobes can be easily removed and replaced without the need for special tools or equipment, and the pump casing can be cleaned with minimal effort.

Jabsco by Packo rotary lobe pumps are also designed for hygienic applications. The pumps are made with materials that meet strict hygiene standards, such as 316L stainless steel. These materials are easy to clean and resistant to corrosion. The pump casing is also designed with a smooth, crevice-free interior that prevents the build-up of bacteria and other contaminants.

Applications and Industries

Jabsco by Packo rotary lobe pumps are used in a wide range of industries for hygienic applications. These vary from:


    • Pharmaceutical industry for a.o. cell slurries and bio-products;
    • Health care industry for cosmetics and dietary products;
    • Food processing industry for a broad range of applications; and
    • Chemical industry for strong acids, emulsions and polymers.