Kranzle Therm C 13/180

Compact design, operating pressure up to 180 bar, large wheels with wide solid rubber tyres and shock absorbing buffers, front and rear – this is what characterizes the Kränzle therm C hot water-machines. The therm C series also comprises three machines each of which is available with or without hose drum.


Product characteristics:

  • Integrated trolley takes rough ground in its stride
  • Hose drum
  • 7,5 m power lead with cable reel
  • Neat arrangement system
  • Shock absorbing buffers

Technical Specifications
therm C 15/150

Ord. No. without hose drum

Ord. No. with hose drum
41,441 1

Operating Pressure, countinously adjustable
30-180 bar/ 3-18 MPa

Max. admissible overpressure
200 bar/ 20 MPa

Water output
13 l/min (780 l/h)

Hot water output temperature
(water supply 12°C) continuously adjustable

Steam level
max. 150°C

Heating output
60 kW

Fuel tank capacity monitoring
25 l

Motor speed
1,400 rpm

Connected load
400 V, 8.7 A, 50 Hz

Power intake/ Power output
4.8 kW/ 4.0 kW

179 kg

Features & Equipment
Ord. No.

Steel braided high-pressure hose,
NW 8, without hose drum
10 m (44,878)

Steel braided high-pressure hose,
NW 8, with hose drum
15 m (44,879)

One piece trigger gun with safety catch M2000
with lance and flat jet nozzle

Water inlet filter