Kranzle HD 10/122

The portable Kränzle high-pressure cleaners are distinguished by their convenient and compact design as well as by their robust everyday suitability. They come in four different performance categories.

Product characteristics:

  • Convenient, space-saving and compact design
  • can withstand voltage fluctuations
  • Silent and durable electric motor

Technical Specifications
HD 10/122

Ord. No. without Dirtkiller

Ord. no with Dirtkiller
41,731 1

Operating Pressure, countinously adjustable
30-120 bar/ 3-12 MPa

Max. admissible overpressure
135 bar/13.5 MPa

Water output
10 l/min (600 l/h)

Motor speed
2,800 rpm

Connected load
230 V, 11.0 A, 50 Hz

Power intake/ Power output
2.5 kW/ 1.8 kW

23 kg

Features & Equipment
Ord. No.

Steel braided high-pressure hose, 10 m NW 6

Tigger gun with safety catch M2000

Dirtkiller lance with stainless steel pipe

Stainless steel lance with flat jet nozzle