Kranzle Accessories

  • Floor cleaner

Effective cleaning without splashing water

Kranzle Accessories Pipe Cleaning
  • Pipe cleaning, sand-blasting, suction sets

Not only for the home and garden

  • Detergent and foam injectors

Our formula for efficient cleaning results: Spray on, let it soak in, spray off!

  • Cleaning brushes, spray guard, water inlet filter

The right accessory for every task

  • Trigger guns with safety catches

Two strong types for unlimited use

  • High-pressure hoses and hose drums

Top quality, always to hand at once.

  • Stainless steel lances with flat jet nozzle/regulating nozzle

The right lance and nozzle for every use

  • Dirtkiller lances and Turbokiller lances

For stubborn contamination

  • Stainless steel lances for quick-release fittings
  • Special lances