ePower single fast battery charger EC 430

ePower EC 430 F single fast battery charger.

  • 48V power
  • Charging current 3Ah
  • One charging slot
  • Fast charging speed
  • EU plug

Product details and specs

ePower EC 430 F single fast battery charger, compatible with all 48V batteries. Charging current 3.0Ah, fast charging speed and one charging slot available. Equipped with EU plug.


STIGA ePower
Smart, safety tested and synched with STIGA products, ePower is the next generation in batteries. Tests we run on ePower batteries are 5 times tougher than Industry standard requirements, to ensure the highest quality standards in terms of performance, reliability and battery health through time. Our batteries are efficient, as we optimised and secured the position of each individual cell; safe, as we created space to allow air to cool; and smart, as we we developed and tested the electronics and software that controls the cells. They power longer and live longer, thanks to a smart energy management operated by all machines and tools running on interchangeable ePower batteries.

Technical specs

Series 500 Series, 700 Series, 900 Series SKU 277030008/ST1
EAN/UPC 8008984844261
Voltage 48 V Charging speed Fast
Charging current 3 A
Plug type Europlug (Type C)
Battery charger Single fast
Pack weight 0.8 kg Product weight 0.55 kg
Product length 186 mm Product width 166 mm
Product height 75 mm