59000-1000 Aqua Filta™

Aqua Filta<sup>™</sup>

Aqua FiltaTM is an activated carbon water filter that removes chlorine, unpleasent smells, tastes and colors from marine water systems and uses specially silver-impregnated carbon to inhibit bacterial growth in the filter bed. Aqua FiltaTM absorbs dissolved impurities but retains beneficial mineral salts, thus freshening and cleansing water to make it natural tasting, sweet smelling and crystal clear.

Model No.: 59000-1000

  • Permanently fitted filter head with replaceable cartridge saves money and allows simple replacement without even getting your hands wet
  • Beneficial mineral salts are retained
  • Pre-filter traps sediment and debris
  • Ports rotate 180ºto allow installation in confined spaces
  • Multi-fit ports accept: 1/2″(13mm) I.D. hose, Whale®System 15, 15mm JG Speedfit® or 15mm Hep2O®
  • Initial flow capacity up to 3.7 gpm (14 lpm)
  • Pressure capability up to 60 psi (4.3 bar)
  • Compatible with most manual or electricmarine water systems



Flow Rate 3.7 (gpm)
14 (lpm)
Max. Pressure 60 (psi)
4.3 (bar)
Port(s) 180º
Weight 0.65 (kg)
1-1/2 (lb)


 Technical Data Sheet