37255 Quiet Flush – Kit


Model No.: 37255-Series

  • Very quiet flush cycle – like a household toilet
  • Converts all Jabsco, Par manual toilets and early electric toilets to the new Quiet-Flush System
  • Also converts Groco HC, HE & HF,
    Raritan PH,Cricket, Compact & Crown,
    Sealand (Mansfield) 750 to 752 series and all Wilcox Crittenden toilets
  • Single button flush actuator – with dual function water level control switch
  • Supplied with Par-Max 4 self-priming pump to provide sea water or lake water to rinse the toilet bowl
  • High capacity waste macerator and bowl discharge pump



Port(s) PAR-MAX Pump and Toilet Inlet 3/4″ Hose Barb
Outlet 1″ Hose Barb
Water Consumption 1-2 Quarts (Litres)/Flush


2 Models

37255-0092 Toilet Conversion
Voltage 12 EMC (Vdc)
37255-0094 Toilet Conversion
Voltage 24 EMC (Vdc)


 Technical Data