28680 Stainless Steel Flexible Impeller Pump Head Kit


Flow rate: Nominal 520 Litres/min (115.5 gallons/min) at 1500rpm
Self-priming from dry up to 5m (16.4ft)
Pressure up to 5 bar


Model No.: 28680 Series

  • Easy to service and maintain.
  • Will tolerate abrasive wear (this may affect performance – seek advice from your distributer).
  • Handles hard and soft solids without clogging.
  • Non pulsating flow
  • Handles viscosities up to 10,000 centiPoise
  • Minimal shear to thixotropic fluids



Body Materials 316 Stainless steel
Pump/Motor Adapter Cast 316 grade Stainless steel
Impeller Neoprene
Seal Carbon/ceramic mechanical type
Seal Elastomer Nitrile
Bearings Uses motor bearings
Port Type 3″ BSP external thread to BS21 (DIN2999)
Shaft Material 316 Stainless steel, special motor shaft
Weight 12.5 (kg)
27.5 (lb)


1 Models

28680-2125 Stainless Steel Flexible Impeller Pump Head Kit
Impeller High Pressure Neoprene
Seal Elastomer Nitrile
Seal Carbon/ceramic mechanical seal



 Technical Datasheet