Pressure Washing for Residential Home and Yard

In everyday life, many cleaning tasks. Whether leafy gutters, mossy driveways, clogged drains or dirty bikes. With our cleaning equipment around the home and garden, we want to make your job easier.

Do check out how to extend the area of application of your pressure washer with the Kränzle accessories range.

The high-pressure series Kränzle K 1050 P offers professional quality for typical portable applications around your home and garden at a favourable price.

The new K 1050 P

From the portable K 1050 P version to the mobile K 1050 TS T version with an integrated hose drum, these machines offer you everything you would expect from a top of the range product. Always achieve perfect cleaning results with our new high-performance X-series for customers who strive for the best quality; or the flexible hand power sweeper Colly 800 for walkways, streets and driveways.

The Kranzle Advantage

Why should you pay more for Kranzle high pressure washer for home use? We are pleased to share the below considerations to help our valued users come to an informed decision:

1. Continuous Operation Hours

2. Total Operation Hours

Continuous Operating Hours

Most pressure washers in the market have a maximum continuous operation limit of about 30 minutes. Once the operation duration limit has been reached, the machine needs to rest for a few hours to allow cooldown before usage again. In comparison, Our new K 1050 P, is well suited to operate for 1-2 hours continuously and our professional Kranzle pressure washers are able to provide recommended continuous operation of minimum 3-4 hours per day, with certain models able to perform up to 12 hours continuous daily. .

Our Kranzle pressure washers show their advantage during spring cleaning season where machines are required to perform continuously for extended periods of time. This is largely due to Kranzle’s superior materials and features.

Total Operating Hours

The cheapest domestic pressure washers are made to last approximately 50 total hours and are not reparable. On the other hand, our Kranzle machines are made to last for hundreds of hours before requiring service. This makes our washers most suitable for owners who operate it on a daily or weekly basis with your Kranzle high pressure washer serving the owner for many years ahead!