Grease Pumps & Packages 800 Series


Grease pumps and packages designed to handle different drum sizes and applications in the workplace.

Model No: 800 Series

13:1 Ratio, 8″ Air Motor 12.2 GPM
(46.3 LPM) max flow 390 – 1,900 psi
(26.9 – 131 bar) fluid pressure

Overview & Features

  • High-Flow, Low-Pressure
  • Integrated wet cup ensures extended pump life.
  • Reliability- Eliminating downtime, the unbalanced air valve ensures stall-free pump operation
  • Durability- Hard chrome plated plunger improves abrasion resistance
  • Versatility – Multiple materials of construction for your application needs
  • Environmentally Sound- Muffler ensures pump meets OSHA specifications
  • Serviceability- Minimal part count combined with Tie Rod construction for simple, efficient repairs

Package Description

  • Bulk Grease Package
  • Package includes: 650871-E-C Pump with 92460 Muffler, 65139 Floor Mount, 7-feet of 1-inch Material Hose, with a High Pressure Ball Valve, 2-feet of 3-inch Diameter Suction Hose with Fluid Coupler / Connector, Dust Plug and Cover. Also includes 28353 Heavy-Duty Air Filter / Regulator / Lubricator C28241-810.