3000 Series 3-Piece Combination

aro filter regulator lubricator 3000-Series-3-Piece-Combination

Overview & Features

3/4″ & 1″ sizes
NPT and BSP thread options available


Industry leading flow rates
Low leak rates
All modular design
Full line accessory set
Locking bowls for safety
Bright, flush mount gauge with settable fan feature
5 micron standard filter
2 year warranty

Materials of Construction

Polycarbonate Bowl: Polycarbonate
Polycarbonate Bowl Guard: Nylon
Metal Bowl: Aluminum
Metal Bowl Sight Glass: Nylon
Filter Body: Aluminum
Manual Drain: Steel & Nitrile
Auto Drain: Acetal
Standard Filter: Polyethylene
Coalescing Filter: Hepa paper & Felt
Seals: Nitrile
Filter Baffle: Acetal
Diaphragm: Nitrile & Acetal
Regulator Body: Aluminum
Regulator Valve: Brass & Nitrile
Regulator Spring: Steel
Gauge Cover: Nylon & Polycarbonate
Regulator Knob: Acetal
O-rings: Nitrile
Lubricator Body: Aluminum
Lubrication Sight Dome: Nylon
Lubricator Inlet Tube: Urethane
Seals: Nitrile

Spare Parts

104445- 5 Micron Element
104446- 40 Micron Element
104447- .3 Micron Element
104450- Metal Bowl w/ Sight Glass, Manual
104451- Metal Bowl w/ Sight Glass, Auto
104452- Filter Bowl Service Kit
104461- Coalescing Filter Bowl, Manual Drain
104462- Coalescing Filter Bowl, Auto Drain
104453- Regulator Service Kit (Relieving)
104454- Regulator Service Kit (Non-relieving)
104455- Tamper Kit
104534- 0-30 psi Spring
104456- 0-60 psi Spring
104457- 0-140 psi Spring
104334- 0-140 psi Gauge (flush-mount)
104458- 10-200 psi Spring
104465- Lubricator Bowl Service Kit
104466- Sight Dome Repair Kit
104337- Metal Bowl
104338- Metal Bowl w/ Sight Glass


104393-5: 3/4” NPT Lock-out Valve
104393-6: 1” NPT Lock-out Valve
104393-E: 3/4” BSP Lock-out Valve
104393-F: 1” BSP Lock-out Valve
104397: Modular Clamp Spacer Kit
104476-5: 3/4” NPT Modular Threaded Pipe Adapter
104476-6: 1” NPT Modular Thread Pipe Adapter
104476-E: 3/4” BSP Modular Thread Pipe Adapter
104476-F: 1” BSP Modular Threaded Pipe Adapter
104402: T-Type Wall Bracket
104406: L-Type Wall Bracket
104410: C-Type Wall Bracket
104419: Panel Nut
104469: Gauge Port Block